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effect of nasal continuous or intermittent positive airway pressure on nonnutritive swallowing in the newborn lamb
chronic intermittent hypoxia upregulates genes of lipid biosynthesis in obese mice
tumor necrosis factor- and malnutrition-induced inhibition of diaphragm fiber growth in young rats
gaba b -receptor-mediated suppression of sympathetic outflow from the spinal cord of neonatal rats
nahco 3 -induced alkalosis reduces the phosphocreatine slow component during heavy-intensity forearm exercise
kidneys extract bnp and nt-probnp in healthy young men
lack of response to all- trans retinoic acid supplementation in adult dogs following left pneumonectomy
influence of cheyne-stokes respiration on ventricular response to atrial fibrillation in heart failure
leg crossing, muscle tensing, squatting, and the crash position are effective against vasovagal reactions solely through increases in cardiac output
stimulatory effect of co 2 on vagal bronchopulmonary c-fiber afferents during airway inflammation
effects of moderate-velocity strength training on peak muscle power and movement velocity: do women respond differently than men?
attenuation of skeletal muscle atrophy via protease inhibition
hemodynamic and autonomic changes induced by ironman: prediction of competition time by blood pressure variability
age-related changes in atp-producing pathways in human skeletal muscle in vivo
errors of measurement for blood volume parameters: a meta-analysis
cyclopiazonic acid activates a ca 2+ -permeable, nonselective cation conductance in porcine and bovine tracheal smooth muscle
relationship between force and stiffness in muscle fibers after stretch
arg16/gly 2 -adrenergic receptor polymorphism alters the cardiac output response to isometric exercise
ovalbumin sensitization alters the ventilatory responses to chemical challenges in guinea pigs
adrenergic receptors mediate stress-induced elevations in extracellular hsp7
nitric oxide and cardiopulmonary hemodynamics in tibetan highlanders
effects of augmented respiratory muscle pressure production on locomotor limb venous return during calf contraction exercise
nonthermoregulatory control of cutaneous vascular conductance and sweating during recovery from dynamic exercise in women
kinetics of o 2 uptake, leg blood flow, and muscle deoxygenation are slowed in the upper compared with lower region of the moderate-intensity exercise domain
prolonged muscle vibration increases stretch reflex amplitude, motor unit discharge rate, and force fluctuations in a hand muscle
repeat exercise normalizes the gas-exchange impairment induced by a previous exercise bout in asthmatic subjects
portal vein cross-sectional area and flow and orthostatic tolerance: a 90-day bed rest study.
impact of glutamine supplementation on glucose homeostasis during and after exercise
exercise hyperemia and vasoconstrictor responses in humans with cystic fibrosis
lower capillarization, vegf protein, and vegf mrna response to acute exercise in the vastus lateralis muscle of aged vs. young women
training with unilateral resistance exercise increases contralateral strength
smooth muscle dynamics and maximal expiratory flow in asthma
comparison between the effect of static contraction and tendon stretch on the discharge of group iii and iv muscle afferents
subcellular responses of p53 and id2 in fast and slow skeletal muscle in response to stretch-induced overload
nadph oxidase p22phox gene variants are associated with systemic oxidative stress biomarker responses to exercise training
exercise flow-volume loops in prepubescent aerobically trained children
signs of muscle thixotropy during human ballistic wrist joint movements
no effect of short-term testosterone manipulation on exercise substrate metabolism in men
gas exchange during exercise in habitually active asthmatic subjects
mechanical loading-induced gene expression and bmd changes are different in two inbred mouse strains
thermal effects of dorsal head immersion in cold water on nonshivering humans
structural achilles tendon properties in athletes subjected to different exercise modes and in achilles tendon rupture patients
hypohydration impairs endurance exercise performance in temperate but not cold air
an in vivo microanalytical technique for measuring the local biochemical milieu of human skeletal muscle
an open-circuit method for determining lung diffusing capacity during exercise: comparison to rebreathe
long-range diffusion of hyperpolarized 3 he in explanted normal and emphysematous human lungs via magnetization tagging
disorders of glucose metabolism in sleep apnea
sleep loss: a novel risk factor for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
respiratory control stability and upper airway collapsibility in men and women with obstructive sleep apnea
acute and chronic cardiovascular effects of intermittent hypoxia in c57bl/6j mice
ventilation is unstable during drowsiness before sleep onset
biomechanical and phenotypic changes in the vasospastic canine basilar artery after subarachnoid hemorrhage
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