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associations between physical activity and bone mass in black and white south african children at age 9 yr
gender differences in insulin action after a single bout of exercise
daily short-period gravitation can prevent functional and structural changes in arteries of simulated microgravity rats
effects of long-term captopril and l -arginine treatment on ventilation and blood pressure in obese male shhf rats
effects of tourniquet-induced ischemia on the release of proopiomelanocortin derivatives determined in peripheral blood plasma
relative roles of heredity and physical activity in adolescence and adulthood on blood pressure
does exercise-induced hypoxemia modify lactate influx into erythrocytes and hemorheological parameters in athletes?
mct1 confirmed in rat striated muscle mitochondria
adaptation to lengthening contraction-induced injury in mouse muscle
skeletal muscle oxidative metabolism in sedentary humans: 31 p-mrs assessment of o 2 supply and demand limitations
satellite cell regulation of muscle mass is altered at old age
modulation of microvascular function following low-dose exposure to the organophosphorous compound malathion in human skin in vivo
deconvolution of confocal images of dihydropyridine and ryanodine receptors in developing cardiomyocytes
repetitive measurements of pulmonary mechanics to inhaled cholinergic challenge in spontaneously breathing mice
integrative control of the skeletal muscle microcirculation in the maintenance of arterial pressure during exercise
what makes vessels grow with exercise training?
biphasic effect of hydrogen peroxide on skeletal muscle arteriolar tone via activation of endothelial and smooth muscle signaling pathways
downhill running: a model of exercise hyperemia in the rat spinotrapezius muscle
evidence for a rapid vasodilatory contribution to immediate hyperemia in rest-to-mild and mild-to-moderate forearm exercise transitions in humans
connexin expression and conducted vasodilation along arteriolar endothelium in mouse skeletal muscle
endothelial function in coronary arterioles from pigs with early-stage coronary disease induced by high-fat, high-cholesterol diet: effect of exercise
exercise-induced intrapulmonary arteriovenous shunting in healthy humans
high bone mass gained by exercise in growing male mice is increased by subsequent reduced exercise
the fa leptin receptor mutation and the heritability of respiratory frequency in a brown norway and zucker intercross
effect of body size on breathing pattern and fine-particle deposition in children
effect of 60° head-down tilt on peripheral gas mixing in the human lung
medial vestibular nucleus mediates the cardiorespiratory responses to fastigial nuclear activation and hypercapnia
expression of mhc- and mct1 in cardiac muscle after exercise training in myocardial-infarcted rats
plasma guanidino compounds are altered by oral creatine supplementation in healthy humans
correspondence between laryngeal vocal fold movement and muscle activity during speech and nonspeech gestures
inflection points of cardiovascular responses and oxygenation are correlated in the distal but not the proximal portions of muscle during incremental exercise
probing the impact of axial diffusion on nitric oxide exchange dynamics with heliox
influence of vehicle resistance on transdermal iontophoretic delivery of acetylcholine and sodium nitroprusside in humans
strain differences in murine ventilatory behavior persist after urethane anesthesia
adverse effects of myasthenia gravis on rat phrenic diaphragm contractile performance
facilitation of the diaphragm response to transcranial magnetic stimulation by increases in human respiratory drive
cyclical elongation regulates contractile responses of isolated airways
effects of 10-day confinement on the immune system and psychological aspects in humans
age- and fitness-related differences in limb venous compliance do not affect tolerance to maximal lower body negative pressure in men and women
passive stretch inhibits central corelike lesion formation in the soleus muscles of hindlimb-suspended unloaded rats
autonomic control of the cardiovascular system during acclimatization to high altitude: effects of sildenafil
gender and ethnic differences in urinary stress hormones: the population-based chicago health, aging, and social relations study
interindividual variation in abdominal subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue: influence of measurement site
effects of moderate exercise and oat -glucan on lung tumor metastases and macrophage antitumor cytotoxicity
continuous measurement of gas uptake and elimination in anesthetized patients using an extractable marker gas
age-related enhancement of fatigue resistance is evident in men during both isometric and dynamic tasks
role of ucp3 in state 4 respiration during contractile activity-induced mitochondrial biogenesis
bionic epidural stimulation restores arterial pressure regulation during orthostasis
effects of insulin resistance on substrate utilization during exercise in overweight women
effects of prior heavy-intensity exercise on pulmonary o 2 uptake and muscle deoxygenation kinetics in young and older adult humans
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