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optimal hemoglobin concentration and high altitude: a theoretical approach for andean men at rest
spatial distribution of hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in the supine pig
rheology of airway smooth muscle cells is associated with cytoskeletal contractile stress
exercise training attenuated the pkb and gsk-3 dephosphorylation in the myocardium of zdf rats
skeletal muscle hypertrophy in response to isometric, lengthening, and shortening training bouts of equivalent duration
dihydropyridine and ryanodine receptor binding after eccentric contractions in mouse skeletal muscle
surfactant from diving aquatic mammals
distribution dynamics of perfluorocarbon delivery to the lungs: an intact rabbit model
ionotropic excitatory amino acid receptors in pre-bötzinger complex play a modulatory role in hypoxia-induced gasping in vivo
ozone exposure decreases the effect of a deep inhalation on forced expiratory flow in normal subjects
on defining total lung capacity in the mouse
localized compliance of small airways in excised rat lungs using microfocal x-ray computed tomography
physiological and inflammatory response to instillation of an oxidized surfactant in a rat model of surfactant deficiency
5-ht offsets homeostasis of synaptic transmission during short-term facilitation
resistance training enhances components of the insulin signaling cascade in normal and high-fat-fed rodent skeletal muscle
role of heat shock protein 27 in cytoskeletal remodeling of the airway smooth muscle cell
role of individual predisposition in orthostatic intolerance before and after simulated microgravity
reproducibility and responsiveness of a noninvasive emg technique of the respiratory muscles in copd patients and in healthy subjects
influence of exercise on dilatation of the basilar artery during diabetes mellitus
hog barn dust extract augments lymphocyte adhesion to human airway epithelial cells
effects of five consecutive nocturnal hypoxic exposures on the cerebrovascular responses to acute hypoxia and hypercapnia in humans
cardioprotective effects of exercise training on myofilament calcium activation in ovariectomized rats
aging, opioid-receptor agonists and antagonists, and the vestibulosympathetic reflex in humans
inactivation of human muscle na + -k + -atpase in vitro during prolonged exercise is increased with hypoxia
endurance exercise training inhibits activity of plasma got and liver caspase-3 of rats exposed to stress by induction of heat shock protein 7
evidence of sustained forearm vasodilatation after brief isocapnic hypoxia
rest insertion combined with high-frequency loading enhances osteogenesis
comparison of two plethysmography systems in assessment of forearm blood flow
intermittent normobaric hypoxia does not alter performance or erythropoietic markers in highly trained distance runners
relating maximum airway dilation and subsequent reconstriction to reactivity in human lungs
effects on breathing in awake and sleeping goats of focal acidosis in the medullary raphe
developmental changes in the expression of gaba a receptor subunits 1, 2, and 3 in the rat pre-bötzinger complex
characterizing airway and alveolar nitric oxide exchange during tidal breathing using a three-compartment model
hemodynamic response and oxygen transport in pigs resuscitated with maleimide-polyethylene glycol-modified hemoglobin (mp4)
hyperoxia impairs airway relaxation in immature rats via a camp-mediated mechanism
contralateral effects of unilateral resistance training: a meta-analysis
cooling vest worn during active warm-up improves 5-km run performance in the heat
hyperthermia-induced vasoconstriction of the carotid artery, a possible causative factor of heatstroke
mast cells and reactive oxygen species in citric acid-induced airway constriction
a novel method for measuring dynamic changes in cell volume
carbon dioxide added late in inspiration reduces ventilation-perfusion heterogeneity without causing respiratory acidosis
effect of tidal volume on distribution of ventilation assessed by synchrotron radiation ct in rabbit
inhibition of medullary raphé serotonergic neurons has age-dependent effects on the co 2 response in newborn piglets
influence of expiratory loading and hyperinflation on cardiac output during exercise
fluorescent microsphere method is suitable for chronic bone blood flow measurement: a long-term study after meniscectomy in rabbits
lower pulmonary diffusing capacity in the prone vs. supine posture
exertional heat injury and gene expression changes: a dna microarray analysis study
locomotor activity in spinal cord-injured persons
sensorimotor integration at spinal level as a basis for muscle coordination during voluntary movement in humans
spinal reciprocal inhibition in human locomotion
simultaneous control of hand displacements and rotations in orientation-matching experiments
neuromuscular rehabilitation by treadmill running or electrical stimulation after peripheral nerve injury and repair
neuromuscular changes for hopping on a range of damped surfaces
longer static flexion duration elicits a neuromuscular disorder in the lumbar spine
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