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noncognate interaction with mhc class ii molecules is essential for maintenance of t cell metabolism to establish optimal memory cd t cell function
immune modulation and tolerance induction by relb-silenced dendritic cells through rna interference
human cd+ t cells displaying viral epitopes elicit a functional virus-specific memory cd+ t cell response
down-regulation of il-r expression in human t cells via dna methylation
cd knockdown in monocyte-derived dendritic cells by small interfering rna leads to a diminished t cell stimulation
unequal contribution of akt isoforms in the double-negative to double-positive thymocyte transition
cutting edge: alternative signaling of th cell development by sphingosine -phosphate
the pro-th cytokine il- enhances il- production by invariant nkt cells: relevance for t cell-mediated hepatitis
clinical transplantation tolerance: many rivers to cross
cd00 expression on tumor cells suppresses antitumor immunity: new approaches to cancer immunotherapy
protein inhibitor of activated stat modulates osteoclastogenesis by down-regulation of nfatc and osteoclast-associated receptor
autoimmune uveitis elicited with antigen-pulsed dendritic cells has a distinct clinical signature and is driven by unique effector mechanisms: initial encounter wit..
skin-infiltrating cd+ t cells initiate atopic dermatitis lesions
characterization of human lung tumor-associated fibroblasts and their ability to modulate the activation of tumor-associated t cells
ctla- differentially regulates the immunological synapse in cd t cell subsets
sulfamethoxazole and its metabolite nitroso sulfamethoxazole stimulate dendritic cell costimulatory signaling
characterizing t cell movement within lymph nodes in the absence of antigen
altering effects of antigenic variations in hiv- on antiviral effectiveness of hiv-specific ctls
cd marks an effector t cell subset in the human intestine
tnf trafficking to human mast cell granules: mature chain-dependent endocytosis
regulation of / t cell development by the activator protein transcription factor c-jun
a teleost polymeric ig receptor exhibiting two ig-like domains transports tetrameric igm into the skin
production of specific mrna transcripts usage of an alternate promoter and octamer-binding transcription factors influence the surface expression levels of the hiv ..
inhibitory receptor signals suppress ligation-induced recruitment of nkgd to gm-rich membrane domains at the human nk cell immune synapse
divergent effects of baff on human memory b cell differentiation into ig-secreting cells
quantitatively reduced participation of anti-nuclear antigen b cells that down-regulate b cell receptor during primary development in the germinal center/memory b c..
macrophages and dendritic cells use different axl/mertk/tyro receptors in clearance of apoptotic cells
monocyte recruitment activation and function in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue during oral salmonella infection
nk cells stimulate recruitment of cxcr+ t cells to the brain during plasmodium berghei-mediated cerebral malaria
coronin function is required for chemotaxis and phagocytosis in human neutrophils
t cell activation and proliferation characteristic for hiv-nef transgenic mice is lymphopenia induced
protection from direct cerebral cryptococcus infection by interferon--dependent activation of microglial cells
different evolutionary histories of the two classical class i genes bf and bf illustrate drift and selection within the stable mhc haplotypes of chickens
ea and heb are required to block thymocyte proliferation prior to pre-tcr expression
identification of the site of human mannan-binding lectin involved in the interaction with its partner serine proteases: the essential role of lys
induction of il- triggers tgf--dependent tissue fibrosis in chronic -trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid colitis
the host immune regulator factor h interacts via two contact sites with the pspc protein of streptococcus pneumoniae and mediates adhesion to host epithelial cells
tertiary lymphoid structures in the pancreas promote selection of b lymphocytes in autoimmune diabetes
plasmid dna vaccine-elicited cellular immune responses limit in vivo vaccine antigen expression through fas-mediated apoptosis
lymphotoxin-independent expression of tnf-related activation-induced cytokine by stromal cells in cryptopatches isolated lymphoid follicles and peyer??s patches
human tcr-binding affinity is governed by mhc class restriction
protein kinase d interaction with tlr is required for inflammatory signaling in response to bacterial flagellin
lung-specific overexpression of cc chemokine ligand (ccl) enhances the host defense to streptococcus pneumoniae infection in mice: role of the ccl-ccr axis
vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein displaying retrovirus-like particles induce a type i ifn receptor-dependent switch to neutralizing igg antibodies
enrichment and persistence of virus-specific ctl in the brain of simian immunodeficiency virus-infected monkeys is associated with a unique cytokine environment
myd-mediated instructive signals in dendritic cells regulate pulmonary immune responses during respiratory virus infection
antigen presentation by nonhemopoietic cells amplifies clonal expansion of effector cd t cells in a pathogen-specific manner
kr?ppel-like transcription factor regulates t lymphocyte survival in vivo
neutrophil elastase up-regulates cathepsin b and matrix metalloprotease- expression
neutrophil transmigration under shear flow conditions in vitro is junctional adhesion molecule-c independent
dual effect of amd00 a cxcr antagonist on bleomycin-induced lung inflammation
nkt cell activation mediates neutrophil ifn- production and renal ischemia-reperfusion injury
scavenger receptors sr-ai/ii and marco limit pulmonary dendritic cell migration and allergic airway inflammation
cross-regulation of carbon monoxide and the adenosine aa receptor in macrophages
interactions between cd and thrombospondin reduce inflammation
the phosphatidylinositol -kinase signaling pathway exerts protective effects during sepsis by controlling ca-mediated activation of innate immune functions
systemic inflammatory priming in normal pregnancy and preeclampsia: the role of circulating syncytiotrophoblast microparticles
il- is highly produced in helicobacter pylori-infected gastric mucosa and promotes gelatinases synthesis
genetic stability of human t lymphotropic virus type i despite antiviral pressures by ctls
il- induces lipopolysaccharide-binding protein in hepatocytes: a potential systemic role of il- in crohn??s disease
dissecting the anti-desmoglein autoreactive b cell repertoire in pemphigus vulgaris patients
down-regulation of human complement factor h sensitizes non-small cell lung cancer cells to complement attack and reduces in vivo tumor growth
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