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spontaneous autoreactive memory b cell formation driven by a high frequency of autoreactive cd+ t cells
il-0 induces il-0 in primary human monocyte-derived macrophages via the transcription factor stat
profound enhancement of the il-/il- pathway of ifn- secretion in human cd+ memory t cell subsets via il-
an essential role for il- in cd t cell-mediated suppression of ige responses
nk cell maturation and peripheral homeostasis is associated with klrg up-regulation
regulation of oxidative stress responses by ataxia-telangiectasia mutated is required for t cell proliferation
dissociation of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis protective effect and allergic side reactions in tolerization with neuroantigen
il- is essential for the development and the persistence of chronic colitis
cutting edge: b cell receptor (bcr) cross-talk: the il--induced alternate pathway for bcr signaling operates in parallel with the classical pathway is sensitive to ..
cutting edge: recombinant listeria monocytogenes expressing a single immune-dominant peptide confers protective immunity to herpes simplex virus- infection
cutting edge: antigen is not required for the activation and maintenance of virus-specific memory cd+ t cells in the lung airways
cutting edge: tlrc/c mice are more susceptible to escherichia coli urinary tract infection
drosophila hemopoiesis and cellular immunity
tlr-mediated survival of staphylococcus aureus in macrophages: a novel bacterial strategy against host innate immunity
interdependency of mhc class ii/self-peptide and cdd/self-glycolipid presentation by tnf-matured dendritic cells for protection from autoimmunity
stat and stat direct development of il--secreting th cells
human peripheral blood t regulatory cells (tregs) functionally primed ccr+ tregs and unprimed ccrc tregs regulate effector t cells using fasl
type sphingosine -phosphate g protein-coupled receptor (sp) mediation of enhanced il- generation by cd t cells from sp transgenic mice
-adrenergic receptors on immune cells impair innate defenses against listeria
t cell repertoire diversity is required for relapses in myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein-induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
glycoprotein 0 binding to cxcr causes p-dependent primary t cell death that is facilitated by but does not require cell-associated cd
aggregated ursolic acid a natural triterpenoid induces il- release from murine peritoneal macrophages: role of cd
ifn--induced signal transduction gene expression and antitumor activity of immune effector cells are negatively regulated by suppressor of cytokine signaling proteins
differential expression and function of phosphodiesterase (pde) subtypes in human primary cd+ t cells: predominant role of pded
the a subunit of type iib enterotoxin (lt-iib) suppresses the proinflammatory potential of the b subunit and its ability to recruit and interact with tlr
dendritic cells from lupus-prone mice are defective in repressing immunoglobulin secretion
a unique thymic fibroblast population revealed by the monoclonal antibody mts-
cdbrightcdc killer ig-like receptorc nk cells display longer telomeres and acquire features of cddim nk cells upon activation
intestinal lamina propria retaining cd+cd+ regulatory t cells is a suppressive site of intestinal inflammation
schnurri- controls memory th and th cell numbers in vivo
a critical role for p in the control of nf-b-dependent gene expression in tlr-stimulated dendritic cells exposed to genistein
autoantigen-b cell antigen receptor interactions that regulate expression of b cell antigen receptor loci
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severe defect in thymic development in an insertional mutant mouse model
germinal center helper t cells are dual functional regulatory cells with suppressive activity to conventional cd+ t cells
protective role of macrophages in noninflammatory lung injury caused by selective ablation of alveolar epithelial type ii cells
increased hyperoxia-induced mortality and acute lung injury in il- null mice
quantitative network signal combinations downstream of tcr activation can predict il- production response
mannose receptor expression and function define a new population of murine dendritic cells
dermal fibroblasts induce maturation of dendritic cells
thiocyanate transport in resting and il--stimulated human bronchial epithelial cells: role of pendrin and anion channels
toxoplasma gondii dysregulates ifn--inducible gene expression in human fibroblasts: insights from a genome-wide transcriptional profiling
impaired host defense in mice lacking onzin
myd is required for the formation of long-term humoral immunity to virus infection
mannose-binding lectin a-deficient mice have abrogated antigen-specific igm responses and increased susceptibility to a nematode infection
increasing the recruitment of neutrophils to the site of infection dramatically attenuates borrelia burgdorferi infectivity
a novel mode of action for a microbial-derived immunotoxin: the cytolethal distending toxin subunit b exhibits phosphatidylinositol -triphosphate phosphatase activity
il- elicits antitumor responses against murine fibrosarcoma
genome-wide network analysis reveals the global properties of ifn- immediate transcriptional effects in humans
description and mapping of the resistance of dba/ mice to tnf-induced lethal shock
granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (csf) and macrophage csf-dependent macrophage phenotypes display differences in cytokine profiles and transcription..
mold allergen pen c induces il- expression in human airway epithelial cells by activating protease-activated receptor and
cd+ t cell dysfunction and increase in murine gammaherpesvirus latent viral burden in the absence of -bb ligand
dynamic relationship between ifn- and il- profile of mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific t cells and antigen load
role of the indigenous microbiota in maintaining the virus-specific cd memory t cells in the lung of mice infected with murine cytomegalovirus
tlr is essential for the induction of protective immunity against punta toro virus infection by the double-stranded rna (dsrna) poly(i:cu) but not poly(i:c): differ..
myd-dependent activation of b0ccdb+ly-c+ dendritic cells during brucella melitensis infection
role of myd in route-dependent susceptibility to vesicular stomatitis virus infection
oligoadenylate synthetase/protein kinase r pathways and tcr+ t cells are required for adenovirus vector: ifn- inhibition of herpes simplex virus- in cornea
overexpression of activation-induced cytidine deaminase in b cells is associated with production of highly pathogenic autoantibodies
some plasmin-induced antibodies bind to cardiolipin display lupus anticoagulant activity and induce fetal loss in mice
potential role for il- in fas-mediated t cell apoptosis during hiv infection
the lymphocytic infiltration in calcific aortic stenosis predominantly consists of clonally expanded t cells
coexposure to environmental tobacco smoke increases levels of allergen-induced airway remodeling in mice
knockout of mkp- enhances the host inflammatory responses to gram-positive bacteria
chemokine receptor ccr but not ccr or ccr mediates the increase in pulmonary dendritic cells during allergic airway inflammation
inhibition of ccl-ccr interaction prevents aggregation of macrophages and development of peritoneal adhesions
scar-associated macrophages are a major source of hepatic matrix metalloproteinase- and facilitate the resolution of murine hepatic fibrosis
inflammatory reactive oxygen species-mediated hemopoietic suppression in fancc-deficient mice
ifn- induces cysteinyl leukotriene receptor expression and enhances the responsiveness of human endothelial cells to cysteinyl leukotrienes
free cholesterol alters lipid raft structure and function regulating neutrophil ca+ entry and respiratory burst: correlations with calcium channel raft trafficking
amelioration of experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis in rats by neonatal fcr blockade
circulating immune complexes (ic) and ic-induced levels of gm-csf are increased in sudanese patients with acute visceral leishmania donovani infection undergoing so..
inhibition of transmethylation down-regulates cd t cell activation and curtails development of autoimmunity in a model system
airway exposure levels of lipopolysaccharide determine type versus type experimental asthma
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