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mechanisms of immunopathology in murine models of central nervous system demyelinating disease
cutting edge: anti-cd monoclonal antibody injection results in the functional inactivation not depletion of cd+cd+ t regulatory cells
cutting edge: cd controls dominant regulatory t cell activity during active immunization
cutting edge: hormonal milieu not antigenic specificity determines the mature phenotype of autoreactive b cells
cutting edge: the direct action of type i ifn on cd t cells is critical for sustaining clonal expansion in response to a viral but not a bacterial infection
tgf- requires ctla- early after t cell activation to induce foxp and generate adaptive cd+cd+ regulatory cells
dendritic cell synthesis of c is required for full t cell activation and development of a th phenotype
in vitro suppression of cd+ t cell function by friend virus-induced regulatory t cells
attenuation of il- receptor signaling is not required for allelic exclusion
soluble mhc-peptide complexes containing long rigid linkers abolish ctl-mediated cytotoxicity
loss of the surface antigen g characterizes a distinct population of anergic/regulatory t cells in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
ctl adoptive immunotherapy concurrently mediates tumor regression and tumor escape
alloantigen affinity and cd help determine severity of graft-versus-host disease mediated by cd donor t cells
the bzlf homolog of an epstein-barr-related -herpesvirus is a frequent target of the ctl response in persistently infected rhesus macaques
role of antigen-processing machinery in the in vitro resistance of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck cells to recognition by ctl
induction of alloreactive cd t cell tolerance in molecular chimeras: a possible role for regulatory t cells
combinations of cd isoforms are crucial for immune function and disease
immunization with murine breast cancer cells treated with antisense oligodeoxynucleotides to type i insulin-like growth factor receptor induced an antitumoral effec..
differential mhc class ii presentation of a pathogenic autoantigen during health and disease
regulatory t cells can mediate their function through the stimulation of apcs to produce immunosuppressive nitric oxide
superior protective and therapeutic effects of il- and il- gene-transduced dendritic neuroblastoma fusion cells on liver metastasis of murine neuroblastoma
gata- directly remodels the il-0 locus independently of il- in cd+ t cells
differential role of programmed death-ligand and programmed death-ligand in regulating the susceptibility and chronic progression of experimental autoimmune encep..
overexpression of cellular prion protein induces an antioxidant environment altering t cell development in the thymus
primary t cell expansion and differentiation in vivo requires antigen presentation by b cells
engagement of glucocorticoid-induced tnf receptor costimulates nkt cell activation in vitro and in vivo
complement receptor and deficiency increases coxsackievirus b-induced myocarditis dilated cardiomyopathy and heart failure by increasing macrophages il- and immun..
distinct subsets of dendritic cells regulate the pattern of acute xenograft rejection and susceptibility to cyclosporine therapy
human dendritic cell expression of hla-do is subset specific and regulated by maturation
h-o expression in primary dendritic cells
il- and il- form a negative feedback circuit with surfactant protein-d in the allergic airway response
fms-like tyrosine kinase ligand recruits plasmacytoid dendritic cells to the brain
modulation of dendritic cell trafficking to and from the airways
molecular mechanisms underlying foxp induction in human t cells
the -parvin-integrin-linked kinase complex is critically involved in leukocyte-substrate interaction
conserved and heterogeneous lipid antigen specificities of cdd-restricted nkt cell receptors
functional characterization of the ccl promoter in small intestinal epithelial cells suggests a regulatory role for caudal-related homeobox (cdx) transcription fact..
modification of myd mrna splicing and inhibition of il- signaling in cell culture and in mice with a
ancestral organization of the mhc revealed in the amphibian xenopus
phospholipase d regulates phagocyte adhesion
the combined cta-dd/iscom adjuvant vector promotes priming of mucosal and systemic immunity to incorporated antigens by specific targeting of b cells
a mechanism of virulence: virulent mycobacterium tuberculosis strain hrv but not attenuated hra causes significant mitochondrial inner membrane disruption in macrop..
dectin- and tlrs permit macrophages to distinguish between different aspergillus fumigatus cellular states
structure and regulatory profile of the monkeypox inhibitor of complement: comparison to homologs in vaccinia and variola and evidence for dimer formation
matrix metalloproteinase- deficiency impairs host defense against abdominal sepsis
modulation of neonatal microbial recognition: tlr-mediated innate immune responses are specifically and differentially modulated by human milk
genome-wide analysis reveals a highly diverse cd t cell response to murine cytomegalovirus
a quantitative trait loci analysis to map genes involved in lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory response: identification of macrophage scavenger receptor as a ..
pancreatitis-associated protein i suppresses nf-b activation through a jak/stat-mediated mechanism in epithelial cells
regulation of il- family cytokines il- il- receptor antagonist and il- by -dihydroxyvitamin d in primary keratinocytes
mast cell -tryptase selectively cleaves eotaxin and rantes and abrogates their eosinophil chemotactic activities
myd and tnf receptor-associated factor are critical signal transducers in helicobacter pylori-infected human epithelial cells
microglia recognize double-stranded rna via tlr
preprotachykinin-a gene products are key mediators of lung injury in polymicrobial sepsis
t cell responses in dengue hemorrhagic fever: are cross-reactive t cells suboptimal?
sensitization of il- signaling through tlr- enhances b lymphoma cell immunogenicity
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