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disruption of transforming growth factor- signaling by curcumin induces gene expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor- in rat hepatic stellate cells
the effect of macronutrients on gastric volume responses and gastric emptying in humans: a magnetic resonance imaging study
differentiation of the gastric mucosa iv. role of trefoil peptides and il-6 cytokine family signaling in gastric homeostasis
na-k-atpase regulates tight junction permeability through occludin phosphorylation in pancreatic epithelial cells
recognition of intestinal epithelial hif-1 activation by pseudomonas aeruginosa
blockade of neurokinin-1 receptor attenuates cc and cxc chemokine production in experimental acute pancreatitis and associated lung injury
m 2 and m 3 muscarinic receptors are involved in enteric nerve-mediated contraction of the mouse ileum: findings obtained with muscarinic-receptor knockout mouse
mice with experimental colitis show an altered metabolism with decreased metabolic rate
stress signaling pathways activated by weaning mediate intestinal dysfunction in the pig
all trans -retinoic acid induces apoptosis via p38 and caspase pathways in metaplastic barrett‘s cells
gastrin-releasing peptide mediates its morphogenic properties in human colon cancer by upregulating intracellular adhesion protein-1 (icam-1) via focal adhesion kin..
role of ccn2/ctgf in the proliferation of mastomys enterochromaffin-like cells and gastric carcinoid development
hepatocyte nf- b activation is hepatoprotective during ischemia-reperfusion injury and is augmented by ischemic hypothermia
gastric accommodation and motility are influenced by the barostat device: assessment with magnetic resonance imaging
rapid expansion of intestinal secretory lineages following a massive small bowel resection in mice
upregulation of cd39/ntpdases and p2 receptors in human pancreatic disease
enteric glia inhibit intestinal epithelial cell proliferation partly through a tgf- 1 -dependent pathway
pleiotropic functions of tnf- determine distinct ikk -dependent hepatocellular fates in response to lps
short-form ron receptor is required for normal ifn- production in concanavalin a-induced acute liver injury
il-18 mediates the formation of stress-induced, histamine-dependent gastric lesions
liver cytokine production and icam-1 expression following bone fracture, tissue trauma, and hemorrhage in middle-aged mice
molecular mechanisms involved in the adaptive regulation of human intestinal biotin uptake: a study of the hsmvt system
identification of apoptotic genes mediating tgf- /smad3-induced cell death in intestinal epithelial cells using a genomic approach
rectal sensorimotor dysfunction in women with fecal incontinence
bile acid-induced secretion in polarized monolayers of t84 colonic epithelial cells: structure-activity relationships
clinical phenotype and gene expression profile in crohn‘s disease
a single transient episode of hyperammonemia induces long-lasting alterations in protein kinase a
the vsl#3 probiotic formula induces mucin gene expression and secretion in colonic epithelial cells
iron absorption and hepatic iron uptake are increased in a transferrin receptor 2 (y245x) mutant mouse model of hemochromatosis type
axial stretch: a novel mechanism of the lower esophageal sphincter relaxation
polyamines are required for phospholipase c- 1 expression promoting intestinal epithelial restitution after wounding
lymphocyte-mediated regulation of -endorphin in the myenteric plexus
atrial natriuretic factor negatively modulates secretin intracellular signaling in the exocrine pancreas
effects of lactobacillus casei shirota, bifidobacterium breve, and oligofructose-enriched inulin on colonic nitrogen-protein metabolism in healthy humans
modulation of human niemann-pick c1-like 1 gene expression by sterol: role of sterol regulatory element binding protein
the functional lumen imaging probe (flip) for evaluation of the esophagogastric junction
il-4 gene transfer to the small bowel serosa leads to intestinal inflammation and smooth muscle hyperresponsiveness
morphogenic protein epimorphin protects intestinal epithelial cells from oxidative stress by the activation of egf receptor and mek/erk, pi3 kinase/akt signals
adenosine inhibits cytosolic calcium signals and chemotaxis in hepatic stellate cells
expression and functional features of nact, a sodium-coupled citrate transporter, in human and rat livers and cell lines
prostaglandins mediate tonic contraction of the guinea pig and human gallbladder
5-hydroxytryptophan activates colonic myenteric neurons and propulsive motor function through 5-ht 4 receptors in conscious mice
the peristaltic reflex induced by short-chain fatty acids is mediated by sequential release of 5-ht and neuronal cgrp but not bdnf
estrogen rapidly modulates mustard oil-induced visceral hypersensitivity in conscious female rats: a role of creb phosphorylation in spinal dorsal horn neurons
effect of slc26a6 deletion on apical cl - /hco 3 - exchanger activity and camp-stimulated bicarbonate secretion in pancreatic duct
apob mrna editing is mediated by a coordinated modulation of multiple apob mrna editing enzyme components
tlrs in the gut i. the role of tlrs/nods in intestinal development and homeostasis
induction of cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in ht-29 human colon cancer cells by the dietary compound luteolin
identification of key residues that cause differential gallbladder response to pacap and vip in the guinea pig
intestinal epithelial cell-derived interleukin-7: a mechanism for the alteration of intraepithelial lymphocytes in a mouse model of total parenteral nutrition
prednisolone-induced ca 2+ malabsorption is caused by diminished expression of the epithelial ca 2+ channel trpv
identification of a protein hydrolysate responsive g protein-coupled receptor in enterocytes
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