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the cucumovirus 2b gene drives selection of inter-viral recombinants affecting the crossover site, the acceptor rna and the rate of selection
kluyveromyces lactis -toxin, a ribonuclease that recognizes the anticodon stem loop of trna
knockdown of tnfr1 by the sense strand of an icam-1 sirna: dissection of an off-target effect
loop dependence of the stability and dynamics of nucleic acid hairpins
assembly and structural analysis of a covalently closed nano-scale dna cage
kinking the double helix by bending deformation
biochemical and structural characterization of cren7, a novel chromatin protein conserved among crenarchaea
comprehensive features of natural and in vitro selected gnra tetraloop-binding receptors
antagonism of microrna-122 in mice by systemically administered lna-antimir leads to up-regulation of a large set of predicted target mrnas in the liver
characterization of a ribonuclease iii-like protein required for cleavage of the pre-rrna in the 3‘ets in arabidopsis
a conserved u-rich rna region implicated in regulation of translation in plasmodium female gametocytes
structural insights into rna-dependent eukaryal and archaeal selenocysteine formation
g-quadruplex preferentially forms at the very 3‘ end of vertebrate telomeric dna
proteomic screen defines the hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 -binding partners and identifies hmgb1 as a new cofactor of hnf
phytohormone abscisic acid control rna-dependent rna polymerase 6 gene expression and post-transcriptional gene silencing in rice cells
dna mimicry by a high-affinity anti-nf- b rna aptamer
chromatinized templates reveal the requirement for the ledgf/p75 pwwp domain during hiv-1 integration in vitro
characterization and evolutionary history of an archaeal kinase involved in selenocysteinyl-trna formation
multiple dna-binding sites in tetrahymena telomerase
thermodynamic characterization of specific interactions between the human lon protease and g-quartet dna
catalytic mechanism of the tryptophan activation reaction revealed by crystal structures of human tryptophanyl-trna synthetase in different enzymatic states
inhibition of dna replication fork progression and mutagenic potential of 1, n 6 -ethenoadenine and 8-oxoguanine in human cell extracts
coupling of dna binding and helicase activity is mediated by a conserved loop in the mcm protein
conserved elements with potential to form polymorphic g-quadruplex structures in the first intron of human genes
microarray analysis using disiloxyl 70mer oligonucleotides
saccharomyces cerevisiae hmo1 interacts with tfiid and participates in start site selection by rna polymerase ii
target genes and structure of the direct repeats in the dna-binding sequences of the response regulator phop in streptomyces coelicolor
exog, a novel paralog of endonuclease g in higher eukaryotes
longevity and resistance to stress correlate with dna repair capacity in caenorhabditis elegans
the third rna recognition motif of drosophila elav protein has a role in multimerization
magiic-pro: detecting functional signatures by efficient discovery of long patterns in protein sequences
influence of the incorporation of a cyclohexenyl nucleic acid (cena) residue onto the sequence d(cgcgaattcgcg)
a balance between nf-y and p53 governs the pro- and anti-apoptotic transcriptional response
transcription regulation of the type ii restriction-modification system ahdi
interaction of cationic surfactants with dna: a single-molecule study
insights into the selective activation of alternatively used splice acceptors by the human immunodeficiency virus type-1 bidirectional splicing enhancer
chiral introduction of positive charges to pna for double-duplex invasion to versatile sequences
sequence-function relationships provide new insight into the cleavage site selectivity of the 8–17 rna-cleaving deoxyribozyme
identification and characterization of coumestans as novel hcv ns5b polymerase inhibitors
rrna mutants in the yeast peptidyltransferase center reveal allosteric information networks and mechanisms of drug resistance
insights into structure, dynamics and hydration of locked nucleic acid (lna) strand-based duplexes from molecular dynamics simulations
regulation of the mad1 promoter by g-csf
stretching and unzipping nucleic acid hairpins using a synthetic nanopore
the crystal structure of nep1 reveals an extended spout-class methyltransferase fold and a pre-organized sam-binding site
regulation of the human ap-endonuclease (ape1/ref-1) expression by the tumor suppressor p53 in response to dna damage
crystal structure of icar, a repressor of the tetr family implicated in biofilm formation in staphylococcus epidermidis
primary t-lymphocytes rescue the replication of hiv-1 dis rna mutants in part by facilitating reverse transcription
algorithm for prediction of tumour suppressor p53 affinity for binding sites in dna
proton-guided movements of trna within the leishmania mitochondrial rna import complex
histone h1 functions as a stimulatory factor in backup pathways of nhej
probing the mechanism of recognition of ssdna by the cdc13-dbd
deadenylation-independent stage-specific mrna degradation in leishmania
analysis of adenovirus va rna i structure and stability using compensatory base pair modifications
pentamidine binds to trna through non-specific hydrophobic interactions and inhibits aminoacylation and translation
functional relevance of novel p300-mediated lysine 314 and 315 acetylation of rela/p6
solution structure of stem-loop of the hepatitis b virus post-transcriptional regulatory element
functional analysis of the zinc finger and activation domains of glis3 and mutant glis3(ndh1)
spliceosomal introns as tools for genomic and evolutionary analysis
interaction of p21 cdkn1a with pcna regulates the histone acetyltransferase activity of p300 in nucleotide excision repair
analysis of transcription factor interactions in osteoblasts using competitive chromatin immunoprecipitation
substitution of a residue contacting the triphosphate moiety of the incoming nucleotide increases the fidelity of yeast dna polymerase
role of atm in the telomere response to the g-quadruplex ligand 360a
measuring the dynamic surface accessibility of rna with the small paramagnetic molecule tempol
improved genome-wide localization by chip-chip using double-round t7 rna polymerase-based amplification
meta-prediction of phosphorylation sites with weighted voting and restricted grid search parameter selection
detection of a circadian enhancer in the mdbp promoter using prokaryotic transposon vector-based strategy
cell-free cloning of highly expanded ctg repeats by amplification of dimerized expanded repeats
a new class of cleavable fluorescent nucleotides: synthesis and optimization as reversible terminators for dna sequencing by synthesis
commonality of functional annotation: a method for prioritization of candidate genes from genome-wide linkage studies
discriminating single-base difference mirna expressions using microarray probe design guru (prodeg)
improvement of reporter activity by ires-mediated polycistronic reporter system
predicting rna-binding sites from the protein structure based on electrostatics, evolution and geometry
target accessibility and signal specificity in live-cell detection of bmp-4 mrna using molecular beacons
facile snp detection using bifunctional, cross-linking oligonucleotide probes
the use of multiple displacement amplification to amplify complex dna libraries
performance comparison between k -tuple distance and four model-based distances in phylogenetic tree reconstruction
bisulfite sequencing data presentation and compilation (bdpc) web server—a useful tool for dna methylation analysis
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