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zinc finger nucleases: custom-designed molecular scissors for genome engineering of plant and mammalian cells
two major branches of anti-cadmium defense in the mouse: mtf-1/metallothioneins and glutathione
the essential wd-repeat protein rsa4p is required for rrna processing and intra-nuclear transport of 60s ribosomal subunits
dominant-negative mutant phenotypes and the regulation of translation elongation factor 2 levels in yeast
the physical determinants of the dna conformational landscape: an analysis of the potential energy surface of single-strand dinucleotides in the conformational spac..
molecular beacons as probes of rna unfolding under native conditions
chemical synthesis and thermodynamic characterization of oxanine-containing oligodeoxynucleotides
specificity prediction of adenylation domains in nonribosomal peptide synthetases (nrps) using transductive support vector machines (tsvms)
dna topoisomerase ii interacts with lim15/dmc1 in meiosis
conformation, protein recognition and repair of dna interstrand and intrastrand cross-links of antitumor trans-
application of single molecule technology to rapidly map long dna and study the conformation of stretched dna
draft versus finished sequence data for dna and protein diagnostic signature development
guanine tetraplex topology of human telomere dna is governed by the number of (ttaggg) repeats
improvement in protein functional site prediction by distinguishing structural and functional constraints on protein family evolution using computational design
reduced representation bisulfite sequencing for comparative high-resolution dna methylation analysis
the ring finger atpase rad5p of saccharomyces cerevisiae contributes to dna double-strand break repair in a ubiquitin-independent manner
pyrene is highly emissive when attached to the rna duplex but not to the dna duplex: the structural basis of this difference
switching dna-binding specificity by unnatural amino acid substitution
a genome-wide survey demonstrates widespread non-linear mrna in expressed sequences from multiple species
experimental comparison and cross-validation of the affymetrix and illumina gene expression analysis platforms
structural insights into abasic site for fpg specific binding and catalysis: comparative high-resolution crystallographic studies of fpg bound to various models of ..
abundance of correctly folded rna motifs in sequence space, calculated on computational grids
atomic force microscopy shows that vaccinia topoisomerase ib generates filaments on dna in a cooperative fashion
cleavage of dsrnas hyper-edited by adars occurs at preferred editing sites
alternative splicing and nonsense-mediated mrna decay regulate mammalian ribosomal gene expression
specific function of a plastid sigma factor for ndhf gene transcription
depletion of tdp 43 overrides the need for exonic and intronic splicing enhancers in the human apoa-ii gene
use of altered-specificity binding oct-4 suggests an absence of pluripotent cell-specific cofactor usage
the erbb3 binding protein ebp1 interacts with sin3a to repress e2f1 and ar-mediated transcription
induction of unique structural changes in guanine-rich dna regions by the triazoloacridone c-1305, a topoisomerase ii inhibitor with antitumor activities
function of the ribosomal e-site: a mutagenesis study
predicting candidate genomic sequences that correspond to synthetic functional rna motifs
facilitation of a structural transition in the polypurine/polypyrimidine tract within the proximal promoter region of the human vegf gene by the presence of potassi..
a bi-functional sirna construct induces rna interference and also primes pcr amplification for its own quantification
shotgun haplotyping: a novel method for surveying allelic sequence variation
integrative elements for bacillus subtilis yielding tetracycline-dependent growth phenotypes
a highly sensitive selection method for directed evolution of homing endonucleases
an es cell system for rapid, spatial and temporal analysis of gene function in vitro and in vivo
miniature rt
transformation of expression intensities across generations of affymetrix microarrays using sequence matching and regression modeling
improved methods for the generation of human gene knockout and knockin cell lines
rapid detection of genomic imbalances using micro-arrays consisting of pooled bacs covering all human chromosome arms
a simple method for displaying recalcitrant proteins on the surface of bacteriophage lambda
method for multiplex cellular detection of mrnas using quantum dot fluorescent in situ hybridization
proximity ligation assays with peptide conjugate ‘burrs’ for the sensitive detection of spores
gene catchr―gene cloning and tagging for caenorhabditis elegans using yeast homologous recombination: a novel approach for the analysis of gene expression
partial 13c isotopic enrichment of nucleoside monophosphates: useful reporters for nmr structural studies
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