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identification of a novel gene encoding a flavin-dependent trna:m5u methyltransferase in bacteria―evolutionary implications
syntheses of 4'-thioribonucleosides and thermodynamic stability and crystal structure of rna oligomers with incorporated 4'-thiocytosine
maternal disruption of ube3a leads to increased expression of ube3a-ats in trans
interplay between positive and negative activities that influence the role of bicoid in transcription
discovery of the principal specific transcription factors of apicomplexa and their implication for the evolution of the ap2-integrase dna binding domains
functional studies on the atm intronic splicing processing element
uracil content of 16s rrna of thermophilic and psychrophilic prokaryotes correlates inversely with their optimal growth temperatures
dna repair factor xpc is modified by sumo-1 and ubiquitin following uv irradiation
genome annotation errors in pathway databases due to semantic ambiguity in partial ec numbers
genomic rearrangements by line-1 insertion-mediated deletion in the human and chimpanzee lineages
structural and dna-binding studies on the bovine antimicrobial peptide, indolicidin: evidence for multiple conformations involved in binding to membranes and dna
length-dependent energetics of (ctg)n and (cag)n trinucleotide repeats
contrasting effects of elg1
topological constraints in nucleic acid hybridization kinetics
srnapredict: an integrative computational approach to identify srnas in bacterial genomes
a host
incorporation of non-nucleoside triphosphate analogues opposite to an abasic site by human dna polymerases ? and
cloning and characterization of the schizosaccharomyces pombe homologs of the human protein translin and the translin-associated protein trax
functional polarity is introduced by dicer processing of short substrate rnas
induction of transcription within chromosomal dna loops flanked by mar elements causes an association of loop dna with the nuclear matrix
mao: a multiple alignment ontology for nucleic acid and protein sequences
solution structure of the dna-binding domain of rpa from saccharomyces cerevisiae and its interaction with single-stranded dna and sv40 t antigen
preferential binding of a g-quadruplex ligand to human chromosome ends
gdnf-inducible zinc finger protein 1 is a sequence-specific transcriptional repressor that binds to the hoxa10 gene regulatory region
the involvement of the aspartate triad of the active center in all catalytic activities of multisubunit rna polymerase
cooperative binding of dna and cbf? to the runt domain of the cbf studied via md simulations
intercalator conjugates of pyrimidine locked nucleic acid-modified triplex-forming oligonucleotides: improving dna binding properties and reaching cellular activities
assigning functions to genes: identification of s-phase expressed genes in leishmania major based on post-transcriptional control elements
specific binding of the methyl binding domain protein 2 at the brca1-nbr2 locus
large-scale structural analysis of the core promoter in mammalian and plant genomes
an atypical rna pseudoknot stimulator and an upstream attenuation signal for
fast db: a website resource for the study of the expression regulation of human gene products
transcription factor binding sites in the pol gene intragenic regulatory region of hiv-1 are important for virus infectivity
the proliferating cell nuclear antigen regulates retinoic acid receptor transcriptional activity through direct protein
determination of protein
miblast: scalable evaluation of a batch of nucleotide sequence queries with blast
anti-hiv-1 activity of anti-tar polyamide nucleic acid conjugated with various membrane transducing peptides
an oct-1 binding site mediates activation of the gata2 promoter by bmp signaling
the 5s rrna maturase, ribonuclease m5, is a toprim domain family member
a novel pcr strategy for high-efficiency, automated site-directed mutagenesis
cell-type-specific transcriptomics in chimeric models using transcriptome-based masks
discovery of a novel restriction endonuclease by genome comparison and application of a wheat-germ-based cell-free translation assay: pabi (5'-gta/c) from the hyper..
generation of subspecies level-specific microbial diagnostic microarrays using genes amplified from subtractive suppression hybridization as microarray probes
four new type i restriction enzymes identified in escherichia coli clinical isolates
genome-wide selection of unique and valid oligonucleotides
i-apei: a novel intron-encoded laglidadg homing endonuclease from the archaeon, aeropyrum pernix k1
nucleotide exchange and excision technology (next) dna shuffling: a robust method for dna fragmentation and directed evolution
minimal cross-recombination between wild-type and loxp511 sites in vivo facilitates truncating both ends of large dna inserts in pbace3.6 and related vectors
evaluation of multiple displacement amplification in a 5 cm str genome-wide scan
characterization of zebrafish rad52 and replication protein a for oligonucleotide-mediated mutagenesis
simultaneous detection of microsatellite repeats and snps in the macrophage migration inhibitory factor (mif) gene by thin-film biosensor chips and application to r..
sitefinding-pcr: a simple and efficient pcr method for chromosome walking
an ultrasensitive photoelectrochemical nucleic acid biosensor
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