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structures of trinucleotide repeats in human transcripts and their functional implications
rna structure of trinucleotide repeats associated with human neurological diseases
requirements for selective recruitment of ets proteins and activation of mb-1/ig- gene transcription by pax-5 (bsap)
using pyrene-labeled hiv-1 tar to measure rna-small molecule binding
vanillins-a novel family of dna-pk inhibitors
glis3, a novel member of the glis subfamily of krüppel-like zinc finger proteins with repressor and activation functions
a requirement for parp-1 for the assembly or stability of xrcc1 nuclear foci at sites of oxidative dna damage
characterization of the rna motif responsible for the specific interaction of potato spindle tuber viroid rna (pstvd) and the tomato protein virp
biochemical characterization of the kink-turn rna motif
allosteric regulation of trna import: interactions between trna domains at the inner membrane of leishmania mitochondria
characterization of ap lyase activities of saccharomyces cerevisiae ntg1p and ntg2p: implications for biological function
the human checkpoint rad protein rad17 is chromatin-associated throughout the cell cycle, localizes to dna replication sites, and interacts with dna polymerase
genome-scale design of pcr primers and long oligomers for dna microarrays
excavator: a computer program for efficiently mining gene expression data
thermodynamics of the binding of thermus aquaticus dna polymerase to primed-template dna
thermodynamic and kinetic stability of intermolecular triple helices containing different proportions of c+·gc and t·at triplets
global mapping of nucleic acid conformational space: dinucleoside monophosphate conformations and transition pathways among conformational classes
pandora: keyword-based analysis of protein sets by integration of annotation sources
hmsh2 expression is driven by ap1-dependent regulation through phorbol-ester exposure
discovery of novel splice forms and functional analysis of cancer-specific alternative splicing in human expressed sequences
rnai-mediated depletion of the 15 kh domain protein, vigilin, induces death of dividing and non-dividing human cells but does not initially inhibit protein synthesis
improving the arabidopsis genome annotation using maximal transcript alignment assemblies
advanced computational techniques for re-sequencing dna with polymerase signaling assay arrays
evaluation of gene expression measurements from commercial microarray platforms
3‘-modified oligonucleotides by reverse dna synthesis
long-distance radical cation reactions in dna three-way junctions: inter-arm interaction and migration through the junction
in vitro selection of molecular beacons
modulation of drug sensitivity in yeast cells by the atp-binding domain of human dna topoisomerase ii
enhanced gene activation by notch and bmp signaling cross-talk
the dna and rna specificity of eilatin ru(ii) complexes as compared to eilatin and ethidium bromide
dsrbm1 and a proline-rich domain of rna helicase a can form a composite binder to recognize a specific dsdna
g-quartets direct assembly of hiv-1 nucleocapsid protein along single-stranded dna
structure-function relationships of the initiation complex of hiv-1 reverse transcription: the case of mutant viruses using trnahis as primer
selective inhibitory dna aptamers of the human rnase h
integrated transcriptome analysis of the cellular mechanisms associated with ha-ras-dependent malignant transformation of the human breast epithelial mcf7 cell line
differential transcription factor occupancy but evolutionarily conserved chromatin features at the human and mouse m-csf (csf-1) receptor loci
use of locked nucleic acid oligonucleotides to add functionality to plasmid dna
synergistic repression of anaerobic genes by mot3 and rox1 in saccharomyces cerevisiae
genetic and biochemical interactions between scp160 and eap1 in yeast
modification of the ionizing radiation response in living cells by an scfv against the dna-dependent protein kinase
nmr structure of an -l-lna:rna hybrid: structural implications for rnase h recognition
the positive and negative regulation of tn10 transposition by ihf is mediated by structurally asymmetric transposon arms
an organism-specific method to rank predicted coding regions in trypanosoma brucei
modulation of gene expression in leishmania drug resistant mutants as determined by targeted dna microarrays
effects of genomic context and chromatin structure on transcription-coupled and global genomic repair in mammalian cells
the complete nucleotide sequence and rna editing content of the mitochondrial genome of rapeseed (brassica napus l.): comparative analysis of the mitochondrial geno..
hexameric rsf1010 helicase repa: the structural and functional importance of single amino acid residues
structural study of dna duplex containing an n-(2-deoxy-ß-d-erythro-pentofuranosyl) formamide frameshift by nmr and restrained molecular dynamics
sox6 regulation of cardiac myocyte development
antizyme frameshifting as a functional probe of eukaryotic translational termination
the inflammation-induced down-regulation of plasma fetuin-a (2hs-glycoprotein) in liver results from the loss of interaction between long c/ebp isoforms at two neig..
a molecular dynamics simulation study of oriented dna with polyamine and sodium counterions: diffusion and averaged binding of water and cations
rna cleaving 10-23 dnazymes with enhanced stability and activity
protein- and atp-dependent transitions from closed to open complexes at the ori of plasmid r6k
human rna polymerase ii is partially blocked by dna adducts derived from tumorigenic benzophenanthrene diol epoxides: relating biological consequences to conformati..
distance preferences in the arrangement of binding motifs and hierarchical levels in organization of transcription regulatory information
dissimilar mispair-recognition spectra of arabidopsis dna-mismatch-repair proteins msh2·msh6 (muts) and msh2·msh7 (muts)
solvation change and ion release during aminoacylation by aminoacyl-trna synthetases
a compositional segmentation of the human mitochondrial genome is related to heterogeneities in the guanine mutation rate
detection of regulatory circuits by integrating the cellular networks of protein-protein interactions and transcription regulation
a microarray-based high throughput molecular marker genotyping method: the tagged microarray marker (tam) approach
a non-parametric model for transcription factor binding sites
real-time closed tube single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) quantification in pooled samples by quencher extension (qext)
dna display for in vitro selection of diverse peptide libraries
pna microarrays for hybridisation of unlabelled dna samples
reconstitution of an efficient thymidine salvage pathway in saccharomyces cerevisiae
sequential dexas: a method for obtaining dna sequences from genomic dna and blood in one reaction
standardized determination of real-time pcr efficiency from a single reaction set-up
a novel real-time quantitative pcr method using attached universal template probe
pentaprobe: a comprehensive sequence for the one-step detection of dna-binding activities
sequence-specific fluorescent labeling of double-stranded dna observed at the single molecule level
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