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downstream elements of mammalian pre-mrna polyadenylation signals: primary, secondary and higher-order structures
de novo cytosine methylation in the differentiating macronucleus of the stichotrichous ciliate stylonychia lemnae
the crystal structure of an alternating rna heptamer r(guauaca) forming a six base-paired duplex with 3‘-end adenine overhangs
imprinting regulation of the murine meg1/grb10 and human grb10 genes; roles of brain-specific promoters and mouse-specific ctcf-binding sites
efficient cloning and engineering of entire mitochondrial genomes in escherichia coli and transfer into transcriptionally active mitochondria
highly efficient catalytic rna cleavage by the cooperative action of two cu(ii) complexes embodied within an antisense oligonucleotide
identification of the atp-binding site in the terminase subunit pul56 of human cytomegalovirus
base pair opening within b-dna: free energy pathways for gc and at pairs from umbrella sampling simulations
the structure of full-length lysr-type transcriptional regulators. modeling of the full-length oxyr transcription factor dimer
mapping the triphosphatase active site of baculovirus mrna capping enzyme lef4 and evidence for a two-metal mechanism
the crystal structure of the complex between a disaccharide anthracycline and the dna hexamer d(cgatcg) reveals two different binding sites involving two dna duplexes
the highly related dead box rna helicases p68 and p72 exist as heterodimers in cells
the ribonuclease h activity of the reverse transcriptases of human immunodeficiency viruses type 1 and type 2 is modulated by residue 294 of the small subunit
putative intermediary stages for the molecular evolution from a ribozyme to a catalytic rnp
comparing the fine specificity of dna binding by nf-b p50 and p52 using principal coordinates analysis
identification of the src pyrimidine-binding protein (spy) as hnrnp k: implications in the regulation of src1a transcription
sequence-specific minor groove binding by bis-benzimidazoles: water molecules in ligand recognition
protein concerted motions in the dna-human topoisomerase i complex
the role of minor groove functional groups in dna hydration
adjacent dna sequences modulate sox9 transcriptional activation at paired sox sites in three chondrocyte-specific enhancer elements
analysis of helicase activity and substrate specificity of drosophila recq
rna sequences that work as transcriptional activating regions
transcriptional activation by ap-2 is modulated by the oncogene dek
ageing and telomeres: a study into organ- and gender-specific telomere shortening
the enzymatic basis of processivity in exonuclease
dmttf, a novel mitochondrial transcription termination factor that recognises two sequences of drosophila melanogaster mitochondrial dna
platinum cross-linking of adenines and guanines on the quadruplex structures of the ag3(t2ag3)3 and (t2ag3)4 human telomere sequences in na+ and k+ solutions
evolution of monoblepharidalean fungi based on complete mitochondrial genome sequences
activation of influenza virus rna polymerase by the 5‘ and 3‘ terminal duplex of genomic rna
crystal structure of the escherichia coli dcm very-short-patch dna repair endonuclease bound to its reaction product-site in a dna superhelix
human mitochondrial dna is packaged with tfam
yeast telomerase is specialized for c/a-rich rna templates
targeted and random bacterial gene disruption using a group ii intron (targetron) vector containing a retrotransposition-activated selectable marker
mosquito has a single multisubstrate deoxyribonucleoside kinase characterized by unique substrate specificity
complete sequence of the mitochondrial genome of tetrahymena thermophila and comparative methods for identifying highly divergent genes
dihydropyrimidine amidohydrolases and dihydroorotases share the same origin and several enzymatic properties
histone deacetylase inhibitors stimulate mitochondrial hmg-coa synthase gene expression via a promoter proximal sp1 site
a revised annotation and comparative analysis of helicobacter pylori genomes
the atm-related tel1 protein of saccharomyces cerevisiae controls a checkpoint response following phleomycin treatment
rpa is an initiation factor for human chromosomal dna replication
an nmr study on the interaction of escherichia coli dini with reca-ssdna complexes
functional dissection of the zinc finger and flanking domains of the yth1 cleavage/polyadenylation factor
toucan: deciphering the cis-regulatory logic of coregulated genes
the affinity of different mbd proteins for a specific methylated locus depends on their intrinsic binding properties
glutamate at the phosphorylation site of response regulator ctra provides essential activities without increasing dna binding
zcurve: a new system for recognizing protein-coding genes in bacterial and archaeal genomes
micromolar concentrations of hydrogen peroxide induce oxidative dna lesions more efficiently than millimolar concentrations in mammalian cells
primer-design for multiplexed genotyping
snps by aflp (sba): a rapid snp isolation strategy for non-model organisms
fluorescent labelling of crna for microarray applications
cre-mediated germline mosaicism: a new transgenic mouse for the selective removal of residual markers from tri-lox conditional alleles
new restriction enzymes discovered from escherichia coli clinical strains using a plasmid transformation method
de novo production of diverse intracellular antibody libraries
small amplified rna-sage: an alternative approach to study transcriptome from limiting amount of mrna
nucleic acid capture assay, a new method for direct quantitation of nucleic acids
novel amplification of dna in a hairpin structure: towards a radical elimination of pcr errors from amplified dna
targeted gene modification in mismatch-repair-deficient embryonic stem cells by single-stranded dna oligonucleotides
adaptation of the ras-recruitment system to the analysis of interactions between membrane-associated proteins
optimum conditions for selective isolation of genes from complex genomes by transformation-associated recombination cloning
analyzing partially randomized nucleic acid pools: straight dope on doping
site-specific mutagenesis by triple helix-forming oligonucleotides containing a reactive nucleoside analog
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